About Us

Why invest with us?

Shared Vision

We give vision a place to live and thrive and to become a reality. We partner with pastors and churches, across multiple denominations, that have a vision for reaching their communities for Christ, and provide funding for the spaces and places that make the vision real.

Shared Values

We exist to help the Church and its institutions fulfill their God-given purpose. Socially conscious investors never have to worry about their money being used to support causes in which they do not believe. That’s because honoring Christ is a priority to us.

Shared Victories

We create win-wins for investors and ministries around the world. Our savings accounts earn highly competitive rates – as good or better than similar accounts at most other financial institutions – and your money is always easily accessible. Plus, they enable you to celebrate the success of causes you care about.

Our Story

We were founded in 1946 by individuals who understood the unique dynamics of church financing and saw a need to help finance church building projects and provide affordable loans.

Our primary purpose and operations are providing loan assistance to churches and church-related entities so they can expand their facilities, purchase land, build, renovate, or refinance current debt.

We are able to provide these loans with the funds that are placed on deposit from individuals and organizations who value a faith-based savings opportunity.

We currently have more than 1,200 loans with churches and organizations all across North America. The vast majority of these loans are a first mortgage-backed with buildings or land as collateral, and most are guaranteed by the local district or denomination they are affiliated with.  In almost 70 years of operation, WIF has never had to foreclose on a loan that we have provided.

We are an Indiana nonprofit corporation incorporated in 1960. We have no shareholders or members, and our affairs are administered by our Board of Directors. We are organized and operate exclusively for charitable and religious purposes. We are a tax-exempt entity, and no part of our net earnings inures to the benefit of any person or individual.

Our investments

None of the funds placed on deposit with WIF are invested in the market; they are used to provide loans to churches and church-related organizations.

Since WIF is not FDIC insured, we have taken steps to meet or exceed the FDIC’s capital equity requirements for financial institutions. The FDIC requires member institutions to maintain a capital equity reserve of approximately 6% to 8% of total deposits. At WIF, our capital equity reserve is approximately 18% and growing. This reserve fund represents more than $100 million dollars of Foundation money that is in cash or cash type investments and stands readily available to honor any depositors request for a withdrawal.

In 70 years of operation, WIF has never missed an interest payment and has honored every depositor request for a withdrawal.