WIF Stories

Brian Tome

Crossroads Church – Cincinnati, Ohio

“Our partnership with WIF has gone way beyond the most positive fantasy that anyone on our team could have imagined. To have a great rate. To have great service. To be able to talk to somebody and get an immediate answer. To have somebody be generous and gracious with terms. Most importantly to know that our mortgage payments help grow other churches is a HUGE WIN.

Jo Anne Lyon

“If you want to invest your money based on Biblical justice principals, WIF is the place. Your money is invested in the Kingdom of God, and the results are eternal.

Kevin Myers

12Stone – Lawrenceville, Georgia

“The first week we moved into the new building we leaped from 175 to 504 people on the first Sunday . . . More people came to Christ that year than the previous six years combined . . . Every time WIF comes alongside us we can tell a similar story.”

Isaac Smith

Dakota District Superintendent

“WIF has been a tremendous ally and colleague in ministry. WIF has provided grants at strategic moments and provided loans that no one else would do. WIF’s investment in churches has paid off enormously. Some of our best and brightest projects have been through a partnership with WIF.”

Keith Loy

Celebrate Church – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

It's (WIF) the air we breathe. It's the oxygen to our ministry.

Benji Kelley

New Hope Church – Durham, North Carolina

“It couldn’t have been done without the Wesleyan Investment Foundation. Local traditional banks would laugh at a very young church with a very big vision and dream. WIF came alongside us and provided the resources.